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Speeder Devlog 2011-02-18

I didn’t make an update yesterday since I didn’t really do any work yesterday.  I was paying too much attention to the protests and such in Wisconsin over Governor Scott Walker trying to screw the union public worker’s unions so he could go on to screw the public workers.  I’ve yet to see a good thing he has done for the state.

Anyways, I did do work today.  First I put in place the edges of the road.  It doesn’t sound like much but it helps the look of the game a lot.

Secondly I went back over my collision code, adding in checks for collisions between other cars so they didn’t clip through each other and making the way the player car collides with the other cars work better.  I’m happy with the way it all works for now and should continue to work better as I put in more complex car movement.

Here is a screenshot from today, mostly you see the edge of the road which does seem to have a slight white strip in it that I’ll have to address.  Don’t mind the weird cutting on other cars, the movement plus the way screenshots are taken does that:

Wisconsin Historical Markers

So while driving up from Madison I started thinking about those big markers you see at many of the rest stops. They each have a tell a little bit about the history of that area and give you a bit of insight into the past. I’ve seen many of them over the years but haven’t thought too much about them and I think that’s a shame. I decided to start checking each one out when I find it, take a picture of it and record that I visited it.

Lucky for me the first rest area I stopped at on my way back up from Madison, Rest Area #54 on west bound I-94 just south of Black River Falls, had three of them there.

Here are the first 3 of my collection:

The Passenger PigeonBlack River ValleyHighground Veterans Memorial

All great finds telling peculiar or interesting stories about Wisconsin.

While I was at my dad’s near Mondovi I found that there is a good website for Wisconsin Historical Markers at the Wisconsin Historical Society website. There is even a searchable PDF list of all the markers ordered by the year they were erected.  It turns out there are roughly 530 historical markers in Wisconsin, give or take due to some being removed and at least one missing.  So I have a long ways to go to find the rest.

I was able to find that there is only one marker in Buffalo County but sadly it was down just north of Alma on WI-35.  I was feeling up for a drive so I went down to get a picture of it there:

Beef Slough

On Sunday driving back up to St Paul from my dad’s I had a bit of a headache so I decided not to search out every one I could on the way back up.  I did stop at a rest area on the way back up though and found a pretty good one so I grabbed a picture:

World War I

So yea, going forward I’m going to make a point of searching these out when I’m in Wisconsin and posting them up here and into the kyru.net picture gallery.  Each of these pictures links to the gallery page for that picture where you’ll find a larger version of the image that is probably easier to read.