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Street Fighter

So I bought Street Fighter IV last week and I’m having a lot of fun with it. One thing that became apparent real quickly is that the difficulty on it is a little higher then I expected, I can only get through about 4 or 5 guys on normal difficulty. After doing that for a while I went the easier route to unlock characters, Easiest setting with 1 round matches. Even then the last boss will still beat you, Seth sucks and is cheap as all get out. I have everyone except Gouken and Seth unlocked, I might go through to get Gouken unlocked one of these days, but I’m not as concerned about Seth.

I’ve started playing online as well. My main for that is Sakura.

Me playing as the cute young Asian girl, imagine that. I’ve been getting my ass kicked online as everyone plays as Ken or Ryu and not much else. I did finally get my first win this morning against a guy playing Abel, so that was nice. I might branch out to other characters to play online, there isn’t enough variety right now.

I also ordered a fightpad for the game last night, it was a little expensive but I think it will be superior to the PS3 controller.

Now I must jump into the shower before I head up to Blaine, it’s D&D day.