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Galaxy Destroyer First Game

Galaxy Destroyer

Well I’ve gotten Galaxy Destroyer programmed to the point where I could run a first game on it.  Plenty of interesting things to come from it.

First here are my final stats as I currently measure them:

  • Stars Destroyed – 40
  • – O Class – 1
  • – B Class – 1
  • – A Class – 2
  • – F Class – 5
  • – G Class – 5
  • – K Class – 9
  • – M Class – 8
  • – Gas Clouds – 9
  • Supernovas – 0
  • Hypernovas – 13
  • Civilizations Destroyed – 6
  • Total Population Destroyed – 19,122,391,112

So that’s not bad, I’m playing at smaller settings then I want to make random galaxies as far as starting stars and gas clouds go and I still had a good number of things happening.  It looks like it took me about 42 turns to get to this point because that is the oldest star left on the map, 42 billion years old.  There was only 1 that old with a few others around 40 billion years old.  Many dwarfs were on the board at the end as I expected.

At the very end there were still 4 civilizations that survived with around 16-17 billion people amongst them.  The largest two had 6 and 7 themselves.  Adding an indicator for the main map screen that shows a star is inhabited was a great idea, makes it very easy to find those.

Things that I could use:

  • auto-centering on novas would be nice
  • limiting aging and growing to stars that could go nova and an indicator for those would also be nice so you aren’t stuck looking all over
  • an indicator on a star when it increases class, especially during novas
  • on screen text saying how many turns have gone by, possibly by universe age in billions of years

A good first game test that gave me some good additional ideas.  There are still plenty of things outside the game I need to put in, static starting galaxies, high stat saving per galaxy for comparison, basically the entire main screen, game ending display, etc.  Having the game playable and interesting is most important though and I think I’m pretty much there.

What Am I Up To

Well I figured I’d put down the various things I’m up to, what games I’m playing, what I’m reading, what I’m watching. Why not I figure.

What I’m Playing
X3TC Cover

X3: Terran Conflict (PC) Awesome big space game where you fly around, fighting bad guys, making money and just generally doing what you want.  There are some specific storylines in the game from various factions that can lead to giving you some great rewards, but largely you make your own goals.  They recently released a big update for the game that added more content and have another one coming soon so it still gets great support.  There is also a pretty active mod community for it that can help fill in any of the gaps the vanilla came has.

Street Fighter IV Cover

Street Fighter IV (PS3) This is another one that came out a while ago but I recently got back into playing it.  I almost competed in a tournament in Roseville the other day so I start practicing again and am enjoying it.  I usually main with Rose but also will give Sakura a try now and again.  This is very fun fighting game though it can be very frustrating as well, online play is basically all Ryu and Ken who everyone knows how to play decent.  Overall I dig it and even with losing a lot I still have fun.


Disgaea 2 (PSP) So I picked this up for my PSP recently and have been enjoying it.  This originally came out for the PS2 in the past but they updated it a bit and sent it out on the PSP.  It’s a Disgaea game so it’s basically about grinding up characters and weapons to make yourself more powerful and beat everything in the game up.  Having it on the PSP in nice because I can play for a little bit and come back later, I don’t have to sit with it for a while to get any fun out of it.  It’s not the type of game for most people, but I like it.

Brutal Legend Cover

Brutal Legend (PS3) This is the big one I’m currently playing.  It just came out this week so I’ve only put a couple of nights into it but it is pretty epic so far.  Basically you are Eddie, this super band roadie who gets killed and gets transported to a world designed completely around heavy metal.  He has a giant ax that he can use to attack and a rad guitar that shoots lighting and fire when Eddie thrashes.  Jack Black voices Eddie and does a great job.  There are plenty of other famous rockers in the game as well, such as Ozzy Osbourne as the Guardian of Metal and Lemmy as a bass-playing healer named Killmaster.  The humor of the game is pretty good as it is pretty aware how ridiculous it is, but so far it hasn’t gone too much into “wink wink nudge nudge” territory.  The soundtrack is great too with both the original score working well and the licensed heavy metal tracks fighting in nicely.  I am very happy with the game so far.

I think that’s all I’m going to put down so far, I’ll go into what I’m watching and what I’m reading at a later time.  Blog posting takes a long time.