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Whatever Happened to the Hockey of Tomorrow

The end of this hockey season came and playoffs started and our boys were out in the first round, as expected.  I was getting some really bad reflection in some pictures so I went for a walk around the rink and got some pictures and different angles then I traditionally take. Overall I think I got some good shots.

Here is the full set: Hockey Night in Blaine 2012-04-29

Here are some shots from it:





Hockey and Hockeyer

Hockey again this last week, and I got plenty of solid pictures again, here is the set: Hockey Night in Blaine 2012-03-11

The exciting part of this game was that Corey got in a fight and kicked out of the game in the first period.  The other dude started it but Corey came out entirely on top.  There are a few pictures of it in there.

Here are some good pictures from the set:





Hockiest Night

Hockey pictures post again!  This game was a rough one, like 6 goals by the other team in the first period.  I think the final score was 9-1.  Luckily bad games still give me solid pictures, or I’d have no pictures at all. Ha ha! Here is the full set Hockey Night in Blaine 2012-03-04

Since I made a neat picture of Kevin last week, I made a cool one of Corey this week.  I got a good set of pictures for it so here it is:


Here are some from the rest of the set: