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Speeder Devlog 2011-02-23

So I took a few days off of developing and screwed around, big deal, wanna fight about it?

I got back to work today and focused on putting together the information display for the game.  In previous screenshots you can see what I had done up until now, just list them on the side of the screen, mostly as debug output to help me along.  Now I am making them for actual game use.

First I decided I wanted to give the number displays a digital look so I put together some digital numbers to use, here is the display sheet for them:

A blank and then numbers 0-9.  They came out looking really good and are especially nice in game.  I put together some methods to grab the right number out of the sheet and put together a passed number to display in a passed area of the screen, so if I wanted 10589 to display in a box on the bottom of the screen for some reason I just had to give it the number and the box.  I’ve used similar methods in Wordel and it seems to do a great job.

I could use that for the score and the score modifier you currently have but I needed something different for health so I decided to make a health bar.  It basically ended up being a gradient from green (high) to red (low).  You max out at 10 health in the game so I basically have it divided up into 10 sections, each time you take damage it drops down a section.  Here is the health bar and overlay for it:

These worked great and the health display looks good on the screen.

Lastly I needed a good border and background for all of these.  I didn’t want it to be anything to complicated so I just made a white background with a black rounded border to go around each section.  You can see the results of it in the 2nd screenshot I post here.

Speaking of which, here are 2 screenshots from my work today.  The 1st is before I added the background but it still has the debug output for the info section turned on, the 2nd has the debug output off and the background added in and I think it looks good.