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Speeder Devlog 2010-15-02

Today I did not really do any coding, but I did do some work on pixel art sprites for the game so I can show those off.  Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out today so I spent most of the afternoon playing that, oops.  Either way, here is the beginning of a sheet of items that will be obstacles or powerups in the game:

There is room on it for like 25 different items so I’ll keep adding things as I need them, or make it bigger if need be but I don’t anticipate that right now.

Here is another sprite I made today, a player car with a cowcatcher on front:

That’s all for today, I’ll implement some of this stuff tomorrow.

Pixel Art

So my next game is going to be a shoot-’em up style game and I’ve started to work on pixel art for it.  Now I’ve never done pixel art so it is a interesting to read up on and find out how to do stuff.  Here is my first creation, what will hopefully be the main ship in my new game.


Nothing too fancy, but I’m happy with it as a first attempt, we’ll see what else I can do.