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The Start of 2014

It’s just a few days into 2014, and here I am trying to write some more again this year.  I think I tried starting to do this last year as well but it didn’t last long, that’s kind of how these things go.  The only time I really updated a lot was when I was posting about the development of Speeder so maybe I need to start developing another game.

ChipperI only made one Android game last year, it was mostly a vanity type project called Chipper.  It’s a card game that is played back where I grew up, similar to Dirty Clubs or Euchre.  I released it during the summer and didn’t expect many downloads.  Looking at the developer console I’m just under 200 downloads on it, which is several times more then I ever expected.  I’m calling Chipper a success, my friends who play the actual game back home all love it and the download numbers are good.

I did write one other game this year, Path Breaker for Ludum Dare 26.  Ludum Dare is a 48 hour game jam where there is a theme for the game you develop over that weekend.  The theme of that competition was “Minimalism” and I used very minimal graphics and gameplay to make something that came out pretty fun. The game would probably work as an Android game so I’m hoping to port it over at some point and add onto it.  That might be something I do for 2014.

Most of my development work this last year was for work, which is kind of disappointing to me.  Not to say work isn’t interesting, because the work I do is pretty interesting, but I really wish I had done more for myself.  Above anything else I want to do more software development in my own time this year, maybe release several games this year and attempt to actually make money off of them again.  We’ll see, it’s the start of the new year so I should try harder for something more.