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Derby Days

Been a while since I’ve posted up some more pictures, I’ve been to several roller derby bouts since I’ve last posted so have plenty to post about.

First off, here are the sets:

Minnesota Roller Girls – Fresh Meat Raffle 2012-10-06
Minnesota Roller Girls – Harvest of Hurt – 2012-11-10
North Star Roller Girls – Lei’d out on the Track – 2012-11-17
North Star Roller Girls – Rollergeddon: The Final Countdown – 2012-12-08

And here are some pictures from those bouts:


Minnesota RollerGirls - Harvest of Hurt

North Star Roller Girls - Lei'd out on the Track

North Star Roller Girls - Rollergeddon: The Final Countdown

No more bouts until January, I’m thinking of buying a better lens by then that should let me get even better pictures, so we’ll see.

Roller Derby

The North Star Roller Girls had their championship last night so I went down with my camera to watch and take some pictures. Lighting wasn’t that great so it made taking action pictures tricky. I’m only used to action shots at the hockey rink where the lighting is very bright so I had to do a lot of fiddling to get my camera set up to take good shots. Consequently I ended up with a ton of blurry shots, but I got some to come out pretty good.

Here is the full set: North Star Roller Girls 2012-04-28

And here are some shots from it: