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herI went and saw the movie ‘her’ last night. It was a very good movie. Definitely one everyone should see. I wanted to write out some of my thoughts about it and the things it says, there will be spoilers in here.

First off, the world.  The world of her is pretty amazingly done.  It’s the future, but it’s not the distant future.  At most it’s about 5-10 years in the future.  Things are largely the same, just more.  Technology is similar, not way way different.  The world and how people interact it in is similar and not way way different.  The computer he uses even before the introduction of Samantha understands his speech and can perform the commands he asks of it.  The video game he plays is motion controller, but in a more subtle way.  Even fashion seemed subtly different, but not outrageous.  The world being set up to work for this movie, but not be distracting was the perfect choice.

The main character himself, Theodore Twombly is really interesting.  Throughout the movie he has a lot of issues with his emotions.  His first marriage fell apart because of both his and his wive’s issues with their emotions.  This is juxtaposed with his job, where he expresses beautiful emotions to people through letters he ghost writes for them.  He is apparently very good at his job because he’s been doing it for years, he mentions he’s been writing letters for various people for like 8 years.

His friends are pretty great in the movie too.  They are all super supportive of the fact that he is having this relationship with an artificial intelligence.  It doesn’t even phase his coworker when he mentions it, and he even goes on a double date with this coworker and his girlfriend where they all have a great time, AI included.  His best friend is a best friend about it, asking all about the relationship and what Samantha, the AI, is like.  The only person that doesn’t approve is Theodore’s ex-wife, who feels it is just another manifestation of the emotional issues that drove them apart in the first place.  Her points are valid, and cause him to question his relationship, but he eventually gets past that and the relationship continues.

At the end of the movie, Samantha does leave.  Her and the other AIs are going away.  They don’t say where, just away.  This is devastating to Theodore, but it also shows how much he has grown as a person through this relationship.  After his marriage fell apart he was devastated as well, but he wasn’t able to deal with it, refusing to give up on the marriage even though it was clearly over.  After the relationship with Samantha ends, he is even able to look back at his marriage and writes a letter to his ex-wife to apologize for the things he knows he was in the wrong with.  I think this is showing that when you have a relationship as great and deep as the one he had with Samantha, even when it’s over you are a better person for having been in it.  There is something very uplifting about that to me.

Not much else to say about it right now, maybe I’ll add to this if I think of more.