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More development

I finished Speeder, put it out on the Android Market and of course get no sales.  The free version is doing okay and it’s generating more ad revenue then any of my other apps but that’s still nothing.  It’s unfortunate but if nothing changes I’ll probably be looking for another job in July.  I haven’t given up though as the idea of getting a regular job sounds dreadful.  I had an idea for another new game that I’ve started work on already.

The new game is going to be a math game, and force you to try and do simple math problems quickly in order to do well.  I like this because it’s something you can get better at over time, the more you play the easier it will be to work quickly.  I’ll post more about it as I get more finished on it but it’s coming along really nicely I think.

I’m using libgdx to make it, previously I’ve worked just in the Android Canvas to write things, but I wanted to try out something using OpenGL and nice game framework.  Libgdx seems to have the best documentation and demos and tutorials and such of the game frameworks I looked at.  I’ve been able to figure out how to do anything I need to do in it by looking over their website and forums so I’ve been happy.

I’ve also been goofing around with Haskell in order to learn it.  Haskell is a completely functional programming language as opposed to Java which is an imperative programming language.  It’s a different way of thinking when you write programs in a functional language and a lot of people think it will be the way to go in the future.  I’m starting to feel good about what I’ve learned in it so I’ll probably fiddle around with writing some stuff from Project Euler, algorithm stuff like that seems perfect for what Haskell does.

Not much else to talk about, it’s getting nice out so I’ll probably start going to the beach soon, I’ll post some pictures from there because that place is rad.