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Speeder Devlog 2011-03-29

No updates last week, I was out of town at the beginning of the week and working on a separate project the rest of the week, but I’m back at it today.

Today was mostly about rewriting how level selection and such works.  Now you select a difficulty, then select the level in that difficulty you want to play.  I have switched to only tracking a single high score for these individual levels which I think should be fine.  I might add in the ability to add a name, but right now it’s just a score for each individual level.  I’ll probably do something similar for continuous mode.  Making all the lists interact with each other the way I wanted was a pain, but it worked out in the end after a bit of research and now it is a smooth experience.

With that put together I really need to make more levels for testing and get it out in front of some people.  That will be my goal for the next few days, put together several interesting levels for testing.

No screenshot today, instead a Kids in the Hall sketch that is rad, like all of them.

Speeder Devlog 2011-02-11

So I didn’t really write any code today but I did do some writing on game design.  I’ve worked out how I want collisions to be handled in game, I worked out some powerups and how scoring is going to work and such.  All important things that it is good to have worked out before you get too deep.  I’ll probably write down more stuff as I think of it over the weekend so that come Monday I can jump into implementing them.

Since I didn’t write any code I don’t have any new screenshots, so instead here is a sketch from the Kids in the Hall: