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Speeder Devlog 2011-03-01

Some more work today, fully implemented pausing, which doesn’t seem like much but is handy.  Also returning to the main screen after game over is in.  I’ve put a background on the health meter so it’s not just white when you lose health, it looks better that way.  I’ve also fixed the grass texture so it doesn’t have an annoying white line at the bottom.

I need to start working on how the game will actually play when I’m done with some of this engine stuff.  I have some ideas of how I want it to go but I need them better defined.

Here is a screenshot of the game paused, the button to pause it is in the bottom right corner

Speeder Devlog 2011-02-23

So I took a few days off of developing and screwed around, big deal, wanna fight about it?

I got back to work today and focused on putting together the information display for the game.  In previous screenshots you can see what I had done up until now, just list them on the side of the screen, mostly as debug output to help me along.  Now I am making them for actual game use.

First I decided I wanted to give the number displays a digital look so I put together some digital numbers to use, here is the display sheet for them:

A blank and then numbers 0-9.  They came out looking really good and are especially nice in game.  I put together some methods to grab the right number out of the sheet and put together a passed number to display in a passed area of the screen, so if I wanted 10589 to display in a box on the bottom of the screen for some reason I just had to give it the number and the box.  I’ve used similar methods in Wordel and it seems to do a great job.

I could use that for the score and the score modifier you currently have but I needed something different for health so I decided to make a health bar.  It basically ended up being a gradient from green (high) to red (low).  You max out at 10 health in the game so I basically have it divided up into 10 sections, each time you take damage it drops down a section.  Here is the health bar and overlay for it:

These worked great and the health display looks good on the screen.

Lastly I needed a good border and background for all of these.  I didn’t want it to be anything to complicated so I just made a white background with a black rounded border to go around each section.  You can see the results of it in the 2nd screenshot I post here.

Speaking of which, here are 2 screenshots from my work today.  The 1st is before I added the background but it still has the debug output for the info section turned on, the 2nd has the debug output off and the background added in and I think it looks good.