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Sunday Night

Not a lot going on lately, at least not enough that I want to talk about much. I figured I should update at some point though.

Up in Blaine last night for a bonfire, that went pretty well. It was a little windy though and the fire decided to send all it’s ash at me for half the night. We grilled out though and roasted marshmallows and such, good times.

Today was Microcon at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. Picked up Sinestro Corps War hardcovers, Marvel Zombies 3 and two action figures, a Booster Gold and a Blue Beetle, the Blue & Gold. I also picked up some movies at Best Buy afterwards and picked up some basketball stuff at Dicks’ Sporting Goods. So I spent a nice chunk of change today, though given that I never spend my money I think it is alright.

Now just so that I have them saved somewhere to show other people, here are some links to stuff:

That’s all I have for now.