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So working on Galaxy Destroyer and I needed a way to smoothly go back to the main screen after games are over.  Now traditionally I’d just finish the game activity and go back except I wanted a final stats display before returning to the main screen.  What this meant is that I wanted to go from the Game Activity to the Stats Activity to the Main Screen Activity.  Now a finish in Stats Activity would just go back to Game Activity and I’d have to rig up some cascading finishing so that wasn’t a smooth solution.  Luckily I found FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP flag for Intents.

What the FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP flag does is say that if an activity you are trying to load is already running, go to that running activity and kill anything above it.  In my case when I run the Main Activity from my Stats Activity with this flag it kills the Game Activity and the Stats Activity.  This isn’t anything that fancy but it is super handy for what I was trying to do.

Galaxy Destroyer First Game

Galaxy Destroyer

Well I’ve gotten Galaxy Destroyer programmed to the point where I could run a first game on it.  Plenty of interesting things to come from it.

First here are my final stats as I currently measure them:

  • Stars Destroyed – 40
  • – O Class – 1
  • – B Class – 1
  • – A Class – 2
  • – F Class – 5
  • – G Class – 5
  • – K Class – 9
  • – M Class – 8
  • – Gas Clouds – 9
  • Supernovas – 0
  • Hypernovas – 13
  • Civilizations Destroyed – 6
  • Total Population Destroyed – 19,122,391,112

So that’s not bad, I’m playing at smaller settings then I want to make random galaxies as far as starting stars and gas clouds go and I still had a good number of things happening.  It looks like it took me about 42 turns to get to this point because that is the oldest star left on the map, 42 billion years old.  There was only 1 that old with a few others around 40 billion years old.  Many dwarfs were on the board at the end as I expected.

At the very end there were still 4 civilizations that survived with around 16-17 billion people amongst them.  The largest two had 6 and 7 themselves.  Adding an indicator for the main map screen that shows a star is inhabited was a great idea, makes it very easy to find those.

Things that I could use:

  • auto-centering on novas would be nice
  • limiting aging and growing to stars that could go nova and an indicator for those would also be nice so you aren’t stuck looking all over
  • an indicator on a star when it increases class, especially during novas
  • on screen text saying how many turns have gone by, possibly by universe age in billions of years

A good first game test that gave me some good additional ideas.  There are still plenty of things outside the game I need to put in, static starting galaxies, high stat saving per galaxy for comparison, basically the entire main screen, game ending display, etc.  Having the game playable and interesting is most important though and I think I’m pretty much there.

I am a game developer

So I’ve started developing Android games as I probably mentioned somewhere before.  I have 2 on the market so far and am working on a 3rd.

My first game is called Tile Slider, though I’ve heard that’s not that great a name.  You are given a board with various pairs of colored tiles on it and you have to slide them together to remove them from the board.  If you are able to remove all of them from the board you move on to the next level.  You are given a specific number of moves to do it in on each board and if you run out of moves you lose.  New tiles can be added to the board if you make too many moves between matching as well so you have to be strategic about how you move them around.

Tile Slider hasn’t been downloaded a ton, it just went over 500 in the last few days.  I’m thinking about going back and revisiting it to see if what more I can add to it to try and increase interest in it.

My second game is Orbital Defense.  This game is a tower defense style game with the twist being that the “towers” you build for defense are satellites that orbit the Earth.  Meteors come flying in to strike the Earth and you want to shoot them down before they do.  There are also enemy ships that come in and shoot back at your satellites to try and destroy them.  There are several different types of satellites from the basic attack satellites to the bulldozer satellite that doesn’t take damage from meteor hits to the sentry that will stay in one place to fire on meteors and enemy ships.

This game has done better, it should go over 5000 downloads today so that is rad.  I receive more feedback on it as well so I’m getting plenty of good ideas of where to expand the game.  I don’t feel like this one is completely finished yet so I do regularly try to work on updates for it.

The third game is currently in progress and is called Galaxy Destroyer.  Even as I’m developing it I’m adjusting what I want the game to be so none of this is set in stone yet.  You are given a galaxy filled with stars and the ability to age one star and to grow one star.  The stars are modeled roughly after actual stellar evolution so as they age they will become giants and white dwarfs and so forth and the biggest of stars will even go supernova or hypernova.  Certain classes of stars can also be inhabited and spread their civilizations to other stars as well.  I think the general goal of the game is going to be to destroy as many civilizations as possible in the galaxy by inducing stars to go nova.  I want to track things like stars destroyed, civilizations destroyed, novas, etc. per galaxy so that those can be kind of sub goals of the game to get those higher and higher.

My plan for this game is to charge for it, I’m not sure yet.  I will have a free “lite” version that will include one or two levels while the full version will include however many levels I make and a random galaxy feature.  I put some solid work in every day and I think Galaxy Destroyer can be out by the end of October or early November.

It is my hope that I can start making enough money off of developing these games and other apps to just keep doing this.  We’ll see how it works out but I think I have a good start and plenty of time left before I absolutely have to get a job to get this rolling.

If you are interested there is more information on all of these at the kyrutech website.