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Speeder Devlog 2011-03-14

I put together a list of things I need to finish for Speeder before I can send it out to people to test, so I started work on those today.  Some of them are game features, others are just general features for the look and feel and such.

Today I started with game features.  First I changed how speed and crashes work a bit.  When you crash into the back of a car you will take damage and your overall speed will slow down.  The change is now that while still behind the car you will slow down even further until you get out from behind the car at which time you speed back up to your base starting speed.  While fully slowed down behind a car you do not get points so you want to avoid this situation.

Second I added in taking damage for going off-road.  If you have more then half your car off-road for several seconds you will start taking damage to the car.  The idea here is that on 4 and 5 lane levels you could in theory just drive off the road the entire time and never have to worry about hitting cars.  I’m thinking about suspending scoring during that time as well, to further encourage staying on the road.

Lastly, I put in a finish line mechanism so that I can write full levels with an ending and track scoring on those individual levels.  I still need to put in a level complete dialog, right now I just show the game over dialog, but it is working as intended.

Still to be added this week, a proper main screen which just consists of a play button right now, high score saving, and putting together at least one proper level for each difficulty.

Today’s screenshot just shows the finish line.