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Speeder Devlog 2011-03-08

So I was distracted for a few days last week working on other things.  For a few days I put together a dissociated press program, to see how it works and play around with it.  I didn’t get anything that interesting out of it to be honest.  Then I spent a few days writing an Android Game of Life program.  It looks pretty good and works well, I might turn it into a live wallpaper as I think that’s where it would do well.  Either way it was an interesting thing to implement and can be amusing to watch for a while.  The patterns you get can be really neat.

Today I got back to working on Speeder though and did some important work.  I created the Object Pattern Handler that will make it so I can define patterns of cars, obstacles, and powerups to show up in the game and let me design more closely how levels will play out.  Previously I was just randomly adding objects to lanes with the only prerequisite being they didn’t overlap when placed.  With this added I now place objects based on predesigned patterns.  This makes it much easier to define how a level will play out, and allow me to change how difficult a certain part of the game is.  There will still be some dynamic things added, specifically nitros to speed you up because you can slow down so easily right now, but cars and other obstacles will all be defined patterns to drive though.

I now need to design a bunch of good patterns, I’ve made sure this new part of the game works by testing it out on some simple patterns and letting it randomly choose other patterns when the first one is done.  Everything looks great so far.  I even defined one slightly more complex and longer pattern and works perfectly.

For screenshots today, here are two that show several of the simple patterns I defined.