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Fall Colors Pt. 2

So several weeks ago I did get out to take more pictures when I drove down to a friends birthday part. Highway 10 across West Central Wisconsin has a lot of great places to get pictures. Here are a few of them I took:

West of Durand before you drive up into the bluffs this old barn and silo have sat there for years and I thought it would make a great picture. The colors were just fantastic around it.

Near Ellsworth I stopped to take some pictures and caught this farmer out in the field. I love how small the big tractor and implements look in front of the wall of multicolored trees.

As the sun was going down I drove into the hills south of Mondovi and took this picture of the winding roads up there. I dig the shadows and the way the sun illuminates the trees above the road.

There are more in the set with the original Fall Colors pictures I took, take a look: Fall Colors 2012.

Fall Colors 2012

Since the leaves are starting to change already I decided to get out and take a few pictures. I also picked up a neutral density filter so I could get better shots during the middle of the day when it is super bright. I went down to Como Lake again since that’s a nice place to wander around. I got some solid shots, there were some fantastic trees there.

Here is the full set:

Here are a few nice shots:



I’m hoping to get out again and take some more shots at another location, I just have to find a good day and good location for it.