Fall Colors Pt. 2

So several weeks ago I did get out to take more pictures when I drove down to a friends birthday part. Highway 10 across West Central Wisconsin has a lot of great places to get pictures. Here are a few of them I took:

West of Durand before you drive up into the bluffs this old barn and silo have sat there for years and I thought it would make a great picture. The colors were just fantastic around it.

Near Ellsworth I stopped to take some pictures and caught this farmer out in the field. I love how small the big tractor and implements look in front of the wall of multicolored trees.

As the sun was going down I drove into the hills south of Mondovi and took this picture of the winding roads up there. I dig the shadows and the way the sun illuminates the trees above the road.

There are more in the set with the original Fall Colors pictures I took, take a look: Fall Colors 2012.

Fall Colors 2012

Since the leaves are starting to change already I decided to get out and take a few pictures. I also picked up a neutral density filter so I could get better shots during the middle of the day when it is super bright. I went down to Como Lake again since that’s a nice place to wander around. I got some solid shots, there were some fantastic trees there.

Here is the full set:

Here are a few nice shots:



I’m hoping to get out again and take some more shots at another location, I just have to find a good day and good location for it.

Some Pictures at Como Lake

So I recently picked up the book Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson and thought I should get out and practice some of the stuff I’ve been reading. I headed to Como Lake down in St Paul last weekend and took some nice looking pictures.

Como Lake 2012-08-11

Como Lake 020
A nice close up of a purple flower around the lake, I crawled up real close to it. Shot at 55mm with a 1/80 exposure, f/5.6 aperture and ISO 100.

Como Lake 031
The fountain in one of the roads into the lake area. I had wanted to get a wider picture with all the water having more motion but there was too much light for my camera to be able to handle that. Instead I decided to get a good close shot and let the water be frozen, I think it came out well. Shot at 250mm with a 1/640 exposure, f/5.6 aperture and ISO 100.

Como Lake 064
Another closeup of some small yellow flowers on the other side of the lake. Shot at 55mm with a 1/250 exposure, f/5.6 aperture and ISO 100.

Homestead Parklands on Perch Lake

This last weekend I drove over to Perch Lake to take some pictures. I go out there every summer all the time to swim and relax. It’s just a great remote lake that not a ton of people know about so it stays pretty peaceful. There is a nice beach on it, and folks go canoeing on it and scuba diving actually. I usually just float around on an inflatable mattress all day, it’s very pleasant.

Here is the set of pictures: Homestead Parklands on Perch Lake

Here are some specific pictures from the set:

A panorama from the trail out to the beach

From the beach looking back across the lake

From the picnic area above the beach

From the trails around the lake looking back at the beach

Whatever Happened to the Hockey of Tomorrow

The end of this hockey season came and playoffs started and our boys were out in the first round, as expected.  I was getting some really bad reflection in some pictures so I went for a walk around the rink and got some pictures and different angles then I traditionally take. Overall I think I got some good shots.

Here is the full set: Hockey Night in Blaine 2012-04-29

Here are some shots from it:





Roller Derby

The North Star Roller Girls had their championship last night so I went down with my camera to watch and take some pictures. Lighting wasn’t that great so it made taking action pictures tricky. I’m only used to action shots at the hockey rink where the lighting is very bright so I had to do a lot of fiddling to get my camera set up to take good shots. Consequently I ended up with a ton of blurry shots, but I got some to come out pretty good.

Here is the full set: North Star Roller Girls 2012-04-28

And here are some shots from it: