Brand New Year 2013

2013 is here and I’d like to write more one here during it.  I post a lot of my pictures but there usually isn’t a lot to write about those unless I want to get into technical details and that’s not much fun.  I’ll probably post about all sorts of random things, since I have interests all over the board, or I’ll post about silly things a lot because that is what I spend most of my time doing.

I’m hoping to post more about game making this year, I wasn’t very good about that this last year at all.  I feel like I mostly drifted last year and didn’t accomplish all that much.  This next year I want to create more, My primary outlet for that is usually programming and game making and I’m start work on a new Android game.  I’ve also signed up to take part in One Game a Month, a initiative by some of the guys involved in Ludum Dare to get people making more games.  It’s not like I don’t have the time for it, I spend so much time just screwing around when I could be doing something useful.  I’m not sure if I’m going to be using that new Android game for this right away since I feel like it needs more then a month of work, but we’ll see.  Since January has started here I really need to start on a game for this month then.

I have so many game to play right now too.  I just bought Far Cry 3 which looks like it is rad to play even if the story is bad in the end, I have the Mass Effect Trilogy pack on PS3, I started with Kerbal Space Program again, I got the Civilization 5 expansion in the Steam winter sale, and there are always old games I just get interested in playing again.  It is sometimes hard to figure out what to play, they all call to me.

I need to find more time to practice photography.  I bought a new lens recently that should be even better for sports shots, I hope to test it out at roller derby soon.  I took some nice pictures back at my dad’s over Christmas with the lens, the snow made it difficult to get the color right but once I figured out how to compensate everything worked well.  Here is my favorite picture I took of a bird just outside the back door:


I really do want to do more creative stuff this year though, funny Youtube videos, podcasts, stuff like that.  I need to keep myself motivated better and find others to do these things with.

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