Speeder Devlog 2011-03-17

The last two days have mostly been graphic work for me.  I have the launcher icon finished and button graphics done, for now at least, I might go back and do something different with the buttons.  I also added in the Level Complete state and the dialog to go along with it.  It displays your score for the level, your bonus for remaining health, and then your total score.  I updated the Game Over screen to display your total score as well.  I set everything up to return the score and difficulty when you finish a game as well so that I can use it for high scores, but I need to do some work on that end before I actually save anything.  I’m inching ever closer to a testing release.  I still mostly need to finish high scores and a starter level for Medium and Hard difficulty.

Screenshot for today is the level complete screen on my test Hard level

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