Speeder Devlog 2011-02-28

I was a lazyass last week but I’ve started this week off strong.

I made a number of additions to the game today.  First I was looking at getting to game over, I need more damage in the game.  To that end you now take damage if your speed is high enough and you hit a car from behind, you also slow down when that happens but I think I’m going to look at that one a bit more. I also made it so that if you hit a car in the side hard enough it will switch lanes, though if it is at the edge of the road and can’t switch lanes it will hold its ground and you take damage.  I’ve also made it so rocks cause more damage.

To encourage you to go faster I’ve made it so you don’t actually accumulate points if you are going the slowest speed possibly, you still accumulate multipliers but you don’t start scoring again until you can speed up.  To go with that I’m going to adjust the rate at which nitros to speed you up appear in accordance with your speed, at slower speeds there will be more of them and fewer at higher speeds.

I’ve added in text under the info displays as well.  To go along with that I’m using a custom font that I think fits the game well, HandelGothic BT. I found it online at this Car Fonts site and it appears to be free to use so I shall.

Since you can more easily get there, I’ve also added the game over display which is what you will see in the screenshot for today.

I hope to stay on task better this week and get a bunch more done.

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