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RideBack and Gundam 00 S2

So both RideBack and the second season of Gundam 00 recently ended. I watched through both and enjoyed them both a great deal.


RideBack is the story of a young ballet dance, Ogata Rin, who leaves ballet and discovers her ballet skills can be used to drive a RideBack quite well. RideBacks are a cross between motorcycles and robots that a person rides on the back of to control, thus the name RideBack. She discovers that riding Fuego, a custom RideBack that the RideBack club at her university has gives her the same feeling of exhilaration as being on the stage does and wants to continue doing it. These are also turbulant times in the world as the GGP, a mysterious anti-government force has risen up to basically dominate the world through there overpowering technology, which included the introduction of RideBacks to the world. Rin is pulled into the world of the fight between the BMA, an anti-GGP group, and the GGP due to her ability on RideBack.

The series is 12 episodes long and they put a lot of great stuff into it. It starts out seeming like a sports anime, but quickly changes into a political/action show. Rin drives her RideBack like she is dancing and the animation for any scene of her on Fuego is just amazing. Her big fight in the last scene is really quite something. The animation overall is top notch throughout the show, you don’t notice any real declines at any point. There’s good action and great character moments and some very sad moments as well. Definitely recommended regardless of what type of anime you enjoy.


Then there is Gundam 00 S2. As with most Gundam shows this is for the mecha fans, but the political story in this one seems to be even more important then in previous Gundam shows. Basicaly in Season 1 Celestial Being, the anti-conflict group the Gundams are part of, use their technological advantage to try and stop war across the planet. Eventually the 3 major forces on Earth band together and fight Celstial Being together. With the addition of some playing field evening technology the Earth Forces all but destroy Celestial Being at the end of season 1.

Season 2 starts out 4 years later with the Earth Forces now united except A-Laws, an autonomous group that fights anti-government forces, have risen to have too much power and ruthlessly beat down anyone that opposes the new goverment. Celestial Being has finally started to rebuild to the level of being able to intervene again and spend the first part of the season getting the band back together. The main character of the show, Setsuna F Seiei, a middle eastern boy who was once a child fighter, is given a new Gundam, the series namesake the 00 Gundam. With the 00 Gundam and upgraded versions of the other Gundams the other pilots of Celstial Being used, Celestial Being fights against A-Laws to try and fix what they screwed up in the world.

Gundam 00 is overall a pretty good series. It rates high on my list of the Gundam series after seeing it. The political aspect is played out pretty well, people react in ways you’d expect and the suppression of information in the second season is really shown to have an impact on how people think of the world government and Celestial Being. The mecha are all pretty nifty, with the 00 Gundam a great looking main style Gundam. The story ends up really being about humans needing to evolve and be better to deal with reality of space, this Gundam unlike most Gundams does not involve space colonies, the people of Earth have not quite reached that point yet but seem to be at the end of season 2. The music of the show is pretty great too, just like most recent Gundam shows. The 2nd ending of season 2 is especially fantastic, Trust You by Itou Yuna, it’s a beautiful song and the ending animation to go with it is especially meaningful as the show goes along. If one if a mech fan or a Gundam fan you will definitely like this show, there’s just a lot of it to go through.