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Raddest Music Videos

I love music videos.  Many of the random songs I adore are because they have great music videos. If I can relate a song back to a video it sticks with me for a long time.  Here are some of my favorite rad music videos:

First video is Wishes by Beach House.  This one is directed by Eric Warheim of Tim & Eric fame.  I can’t stand Tim & Eric, but it seems like things Eric directs outside of that are usually pretty great.  It stars Ray Wise of Twin Peaks fame as some kind of half time performer at a sporting event.  The sport is completely nonsensical looking and the halftime show is even more nonsensical, but the fans love it.  The etherealness of the song to go with the insanity of the video make it a rad experience.

This next video is Bombay by El Guincho.  I know nothing about who made this video or the artist performing it, but it has a great sound and a very very random video.  The addition of topless women doesn’t hurt, but even without it this would be on the list.  There are so many interesting scenes that just keep flying past you.

This is Technicolor Dreaming by Cardiknox.  They are a lesser known New York group from what I can tell, all I know for sure is they retweeted me as soon as I tweeted about how rad this video was.  It is just a lyric video, but the way it uses all these classic movie posters for the lyrics is pretty cool.  Being able to identify many of the posters definitely helps, if you don’t recognize any of them it might not be as great.

Knights of Cydonia by Muse.  This one probably everyone knows already but man, is it cool. The space sci-fi kung-fu cowboy thing is just such a great look, it makes me wish this were an actual movie I could watch.  Muse is just great by themselves but adding such fantastic visuals really brings it up a notch.

Did I Mention I Like To Dance by Flynt Flossy.  I could post all of Turquoise Jeep on here because I love all their videos, but I’ll take this one.  Flynt Flossy can just plain dance, and watching him go nuts while he raps about his love of dancing is great time.

This is all I’m going to post for now, but I’m sure as I see more rad videos I will post them.