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Kit Kat’s are delicious

So I played around with this tonight, added a twitter box at the top of the main post area to show my last 5 tweets. I mostly post random stuff, half the time it’ll be a line from a movie or TV show or song, the rest of the time it will be something else meaningless. Twitter amuses me, there are only a few people I know that I follow on it, mostly I follow random famous people that are amusing to hear watch. I just started following shitmydadsays after seeing Adam Savage from Mythbusters, donttrythis, recommend him.

It seems like the people getting the most out of twitter are folks who use it to let others know quickly about their online projects. Felicia Day is a good example, she posts about new episodes of The Guild being up to view and other things she’s working on all the time. I wouldn’t know anything about those if I weren’t following her and I imagine many others find out sooner then they would have the same way. If I ever get in the habit of making content, sending out updates that the content is there over twitter is definitely the way to go.

Switched to WordPress

So I switched my site to use WordPress.  Seemed like an easier system then the one I was previously using.  Luckily it wasn’t too difficult to convert the format of my page to a WordPress theme.  I’ll still be doing plenty of tweaking here, but I think it looks good to start with.